Wastewater Treatment Design- Training Webinar


The training webinar is presented over 3-days, focused on teaching the principles of designing biological wastewater treatment. The first day covers microbial metabolism and wastewater characterization, followed by topics such as organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorous, and pathogen removal. The webinar also covers various aspects, including aeration and mixing, toxicity, bulking sludge, and final settling. Additionally, attendees will learn about membrane bio-reactors, anaerobic digestion, and biofilm reactors. Process control of these systems will also be discussed during the webinar.

Throughout the event, participants will be presented with case studies to further their understanding. At the end of the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to test their knowledge and provide feedback on the course.

Who should attend?

  • Process Controllers and Supervisors of Municipal Wastewater Works
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Private Contractors and Developers
  • Water Services Managers
  • Policy Makers
  • Councillors
  • Health Inspectors
  • Pollution Control Officer s


18-20 September 2024


8:30 – 16:30

CPD Points:

3 CPD Points-ECSA


R8999 + vat (Early Bird)
R9490 + vat (Standard)

Training Objectives:

  • Understanding how wastewater characteristics affect wastewater treatment process design
  • Understanding the design of activated sludge plants
  • Understanding the design of biological nutrient removal plants with a focus on nitrogen and phosphorous removal
  • Gaining insight into the design aspects of pathogen removal, aeration and mixing, toxicity, bulking sludge, final settling, membrane bio-reactors, anaerobic digestors, and biofilm reactors
  • Applying process control principles to biological treatment systems
  • Understanding the principles of modelling activated sludge processes and biofilms.


This is a 3-day interactive training webinar  about Wastewater Treatment Design with case studies and group activities throughout,

The training is accredited with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) with 3 CPD Points

Catering services will be offered by UBER Eats- Delegates to receive meal vouchers Daily, provided Uber Eats is available in your area*

Presented by Brett Keyser Pr.PC Water

Day 1:

Session 1

Wastewater Characterisation

  • The origin of Wastewater
  • PE and PL
  • Microorganisms
  • Wastewater Flows
  • Wastewater and biomass fractionation
  • Wastewater Constituents
  • Special Wastewaters and Internal Plant
  • Recycles
  • Symbols
  • Household Sewage
  • BOD and COD
  • Special Components
  • Ratios
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Characterisation protocols

Session 2

Organic Matter Removal

  • Activated Sludge System Constraints
  • Reactor Volume Requirements
  • Model simplifications
  • Determination of Reactor TSS Concentration
  • Daily Sludge Production
  • Design Example
  • Carbonaceous Oxygen Demand
  • System Design & Control

Session 3

Nitrogen Removal

  • Nitrification
  • Factors influencing Nitrification
  • Biological N removal
  • Design, Operation & Control
  • Biological Kinetics
  • Nutrient requirements
  • Design Procedure
  • Innovative Nitrogen Removal
  • Process Kinetics
  • Design considerations
  • Design Example
  • System Volume & Oxygen Demand

Session 4

Phosphorous Removal

  • Principles of EBPR
  • Model development for EBPR
  • Design Example
  • Denitrification of NDEBPR Systems
  • Mechanism of EBPR
  • Mixed Culture Steady State Model
  • Influence of EBPR on the system
  • Glycogen accumulating organisms
  • Optimisation & Development of EBPR Systems
  • Factors effecting P removal

Day 2:

Session 1

Pathogen Removal; Aeration & Mixing

  • Types of enteric Organisms
  • Aeration Technology
  • Applying data to process conditions
  • Pathogens in Sewage
  • Air Blower Systems
  • Sustainable aeration practices
  • Removal of Pathogens and Indicators by WWT
  • Aeration Requirements

Session 2

Membrane Bio-reactors

  • Membrane Separation Principles
  • Technologies
  • MBR Process
  • IMBR Case Studies
  • MBR Plant Design

Session 3

Final Settling

  • SST Configuration
  • Design & Operation
  • Sludge Settleability
  • Modelling of SST’s
  • Flux Theory
  • Design Example

Session 4

Toxicity; Bulking Sludge

  • Measures of Toxicity
  • Relationship between morphology & ecophysiology
  • Granular Sludge
  • Kinetic Models
  • Filamentous Bacteria
  • Managing toxicity
  • Theories
  • Remedial actions
  • Mathematical Modelling

Day 3:

Session 1

Modelling ASPs

  • What is Modelling
  • Stepwise development of biokinetic model: ASM1
  • AS model development history
  • Why modelling
  • Modelling of SST’s
  • ASM3
  • Simulator Environments
  • Modelling Basics
  • Design Examples
  • Metabolic Model

Session 2

Process Control

  • Reasons
  • Instrumentation & Modelling
  • Basic control Concepts
  • Impacts on WWT systems
  • Dynamics
  • Examples
  • Control & Automation
  • Variables & Actuators
  • Cost savings vs control
  • Integration of Process Units

Session 3

Anaerobic WWT

  • Sustainability in WWT
  • Impact of alternative electron donors
  • Anaerobic Reactor Systems
  • Microbiology
  • Cod balance
  • UASB Reactor
  • Anaerobic Process Kinetics
  • Predicting CH4 production
  • Immobilisation & Sludge Granulation
  • Anaerobic Treatment

Session 4

Biofilm Reactors

  • What are Biofilms?
  • Design parameters
  • Modelling
  • Design loading rates
  • Biofilm Reactors
  • Design Considerations

How Much?

Early Bird: R8999 + vat
Standard: R9490 + vat


Date: 18-20 September 2024
Time: 08:00am 16:30pm


3-5: 5% off
6-10: 10% off
+11: 15% off


This is a 3-day interactive training webinar  about Wastewater Treatment Design with case studies and group activities throughout,

The training is accredited with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) with 3 CPD Points

Catering services will be offered by UBER Eats- Delegates to receive meal vouchers Daily, provided Uber Eats is available in your area*

Presented by Brett Keyser Pr.PC Water

What Do I Need?

Each delegate will need the following to attend:

  • Steady Internet connection for the duration of the training
  • Laptop / PC / Smart Phone and Power supply (Charger)
  • Zoom Meeting Software installed onto your laptop /
  • PC / Smart Phone
  • Quiet Space

Preferable but not compulsory:

  • Headset / Ear Phones to clearly hear the facilitator

About The Trainer: Brett Keyser (Pr.PC Water) (PGDip ( ProjMan )

Brett has been passionate about water since starting his first job as a Chemist at Midrand Municipality. Since then his career has always had a connection with water and wastewater; from water laboratory services, management of municipal water and wastewater treatment works, design and installation of industrial effluent treatment plants, instant lawn farming as a means of utilizing wastewater sludge, sales, and supply of water chemicals, facilitation of training workshops, design and installation of irrigation systems, regulatory compliance and managing water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

As a water and wastewater treatment specialist he is always seeking business opportunities at municipalities, water utility companies, engineering consultants, and private business to assess water and wastewater systems, conduct risk assessments of these systems and implement control measures, whether it be infrastructure projects, improved management systems, or training of operational and supervisory staff. By playing a small part, he fulfills his desire to ensure that water and wastewater in South Africa and Africa are managed professionally and sustainably.

Terms & Conditions

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