Mastering Concrete: Specification & Construction of Surfacebeds Training


This is a two day course that will dispel misinformation for designers and contractors regarding jointing, thickness and surface hardness and will provide the client with a high quality surface, on which to carry out factory or warehouse type operations. Concrete samples taken from actual floors will be used to illustrate the various concepts being explained as well as a comprehensive set of notes.

Segmental or block pavements in concrete and clay will be discussed in a basic fashion, highlighting the contrasting approach to the design the concept with that of solid slabs. The difference in material behavior between concrete and clay will be given along with design adjustment that will be required.

Who is For?

  • Concrete for Contractors and Consultants
  • Designers of reinforced concrete structures who wish to understand the properties of the materials they use
  • Constructors of reinforced concrete structures who interpret the needs of a specification and translate that into the correct material selection and mix design with a high standard of workmanship
  • Supervisors and project managers responsible for the quality control of the project
  • Client and government bodies who want to understand the design and
    the construction process for which they are financially responsible


(2 Day Training)


8:30 – 16:30




R5490 + vat (Early Bird)
R5999 + vat


This course is a 2-day interactive webinar course about
Mastering Concrete: Specification & Construction of Surfacebeds Training,

Presented by,Bruce Raath PrEng CEng


Solid concrete floor slabs are one of the only concrete elements designed to accommodate the properties of concrete and not to resist loading. Supporting layerworks are vitally important, particularly if the pavement is segmental and made up of concrete or clay prefabricated blocks.

Insurance claims for this application of concrete are high and misunderstanding of the basic principles of design and construction is common. Cracking in solid slabs due to poor accommodation of concrete shrinkage movements occurs frequently as does weak, powdery floor surfaces that create a dust nuisance, unacceptable to many clients.



  • Properties of concrete necessary for specification of floors
  • Selection of materials to minimize shrinkage, improve the finish and increase abrasion resistance
  • Subbases and support materials
  • Required workability and avoidance of plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Finishing pavements in the green phase of concrete
  • Required strength of concrete as assessed by compressive strength and more importantly by flexural strength


  • Prevention of cracking
  • Plastic cracking, its causes and avoidance
  • Drying shrinkage cracking
  • Types of joints and their location in the floor
    – Surface hardness and finishing techniques
    – Construction of floors
  • Bleeding and concrete temperature
  • Method of placement
  • Placement of reinforcement if required
  • Segmental concrete pavements
    – Advantages and disadvantages
    – Classification of blocks and laying patterns
    – Transmission of lateral forces
    – Edge restrains
    – Bedding and jointing sand
    – The importance of lockup


  • Segmental clay pavements
  • Diagrams for pavement design as given in the clay pavement manual
  • Expansion of clay and effect on pavement
  • Design of solid concrete pavement thickness
    – Floor thickness to accommodate support conditions and imposed loads
    – Use of design charts given in the code of practice for floor design for forklifts, posts, and uniformly distributed loads

How Much?

Early Bird: R5490 + vat
Standard: R5999 + vat


Date: TBC
Time: 08:00am 16:30pm


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This course is a 2-day interactive live online training course about the Specifications and Construction of Surfacebeds

What Do I Need?

Each delegate will need the following to attend:

  • Steady Internet connection for the duration of the training
  • Laptop / PC / Smart Phone and Power supply (Charger)
  • Zoom Meeting Software installed onto your laptop /
  • PC / Smart Phone
  • Quiet Space

Preferable but not compulsory:

  • Headset / Ear Phones to clearly hear the facilitator

About The Trainer?

Bruce Raath was recently featured as Concrete Expert of 2015 by the International Who’s Who of Professional Engineers based in New York. He was the Past National President of the Concrete Society of Southern Africa. BA Raath & Assoc. is a consultancy operating in the field of concrete construction, repair, failure diagnosis, and design, with reference to floors. The consultancy undertakes expert witness work and provides technical advice on the practical site use of concrete and design of concrete structures.

Training courses have been presented in the UK and African Countries along with courses in many centres in South Africa. Specially adapted in house courses have been presented to many of South Africa’s leading contractors and consulting engineers.

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